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The WAX candle is made from 100% canola wax from Europe. So it is much more sustainable than ordinary candles made of kerosene / petroleum! Hand-poured, each candle is unique and design object.


The charm of the imperfect. Rapid prototyping meets craftsmanship. 3D printers have long since become an integral part of the design process - to reproduce digital ideas in detail and exactly. But what happens when you push the printer's production capabilities to the limit, and let the printer do some of the designing? WAX is a series of candle objects.


BO.Macher That's us: Christina Radermacher and Pia Bonnen. We are product designers from Cologne and have been working on joint projects since our studies. Our focus is especially on interior design and furniture designs. Our designs are usually a mixture of our two design styles, simple and straightforward in combination with soft, round shapes. Sounds contrary in the first moment, but results in a special form language!

WAX Middle

VAT Included
  • The candles are hand poured and may contain small air bubbles and blemishes.

    Material: rapeseed wax

    Height: 115mm

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