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by BO.macher


Im Gloomy  Bilderrahmen lassen sich nicht nur Bilder in Szene setzen, auch der Bilderrrahmen für sich ist ein Higucker!

The frame is suitable for A4 formats, but can of course also accommodate smaller motifs.


BO.MACHER! That's us: Christina Radermacher and Pia Bonnen. We are product designers from Cologne and have been working on joint projects since our studies. Our focus here is particularly on interior design and furniture designs. Our designs are usually a mixture of our two design styles, simple and straightforward in combination with soft, rounded shapes. Sounds contrary at first, but results in a special design language!

GLOOMY picture frame A4

VAT Included
  • Material: The picture frame is made of black milled MDF and glass. All materials are sourced from Germany.

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