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BONNEN. was born out of fun and interest in design and a bit out of curiosity to try out for yourself what it's like to market and distribute your own products.

The focus is especially on designing products and concepts for everyday life. All with the premise to combine aesthetics with function, quality and sustainable production.


Hi :)

I'm Pia, product designer and founder of BONNEN. Since I'm just starting out, I'm also CEO, salesperson, designer, accountant and Instagram content creator on the side. More or less successful ;)

Since I've been annoyed for a long time that most furniture and design companies are not founded by designers, but by profit-oriented investors and entrepreneurs, I decided to distribute my products myself.

The first product is the io vase and recently the WAX candle was added!

My design principle is that furniture and products must be changeable and adaptable to different situations in order to last. Because only durable products are truly sustainable!



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